New production plant?
Reliable solutions for the plant equipment

PFEIFER – Your strategic partner for equipping your new production plant in the areas of lifting and moving loads, training, testing and inventory.

High potential in the planning phase - safe - flexible - economical

If you want to implement projects as efficiently and economically as possible, optimising processes should be a top priority. The potential for safe, flexible and economical lifting and transport processes should not be underestimated. By analysing processes in depth, we know when and where we can provide advice and support.

Thanks to decades of experience and in-depth process knowledge in the construction and steel industry, we can advise you on standard applications and support you with customised concepts right from the start, no matter how complex the challenge.


We build connections

you can count on!

Our service - comprehensive solutions

PFEIFER supports you from concept planning to ongoing operation, giving you the space you need for your core business and avoiding additional work for your organization.

Our experts from the specialist departments work closely together. This saves you time and resources in the search for the right solutions and ensures seamless integration into your individual processes.


Concept planning
What is possible?

  • Collaboration in determining for the lifting concept 
  • Digitalisation and automation options
  • Cost indication
  • Process-oriented solution identification

Tendering & award of contract
How is it possible?

  • Collaboration in the Tendering and award of contract processes
  • Tender spcification texts 
  • Synergy effects - PFEIFER Lifting
  • Professional assistance with the award of contract 

It becomes possible.

  • Scheduling of deliveries
  • On-site application advice on all relevant topics in the field of attachement and load lifting equipment - including special solutions
  • Inventory of the equipment before delivery


  • Safety: Training your staff regarding German Statutory Accident Insurance regulations - even before the first lift 
  • PFEIFER PUSH software for the initial inventory of the attachement and load lifting equipment - vendor-neutral!
  • Commissioning of complex load lifting attachements and training of your personnel

Ongoing operation 
For years to come…

  • Mobile Services
    • Work equipment testing according to legal requirements - vendor-neutral!
    • Work equipment management
    • Repair service
    • Spare parts service
    • Rental service 
  • Attachement devices for equipping production 
  • Continuous improvement of the applications 
  • On-site support for your team in all questions concerning the safe lifting and transport of loads

Einfach,schnell und entspannt Anschlagmittel bestellen


Your added value from our collaboration

With our specialists for original equipment and our experts in the fields of technology, development, product management, academy, mobile services, IT, purchasing and sales, we offer you a comprehensive service from a single source.


  • Practically oriented, holistic solutions 
  • Lean processes
  • Clean communication interfaces 
  • Direct exchange of information 
  • Delivery on time 
  • A single contact throughout the entire project with a network of specialists in the background 
  • Acceptance of the processes by involving your teams in the planning

Industries - Processes - Solutions - PFEIFER

With our many years of experience, we set new standards for products and services for a wide range of applications wherever heavy loads (ideally fully automated) must be moved.

As full-range supplier you receive from us - worldwide:

  • Holistic planning and realisation of lifting operations
  • Development of new, innovative, customised special load handling equipment based on specific requirements while complying with all occupational safety standards and laws
  • Supply and inventory of the products required for the planned operating process in the areas of lifting, moving and securing loads
  • Carrying out and coordinating the prescribed tests and inspections
  • Training of all skilled labour required for the new site

Our strength is the efficient and safe lifting and the movement of loads - from standard solutions to cloud-capable and fully automated load lifting attachements: 

We will be happy to advise you!

Customised requirements - customised load handling attachments

Thanks to years of expertise, we can find a solution for (almost) any problem if the customer's application is not possible with our standard products.

Modular or customised - our products adapt! Each of your transport processes has its own individual requirements - we have the right solutions. Thanks to our in-house design, development and production, we are able to cater to your specific requirements.

  •    More

    Modular wire coil grab NOVA

    Safe and gentle transport of bound steel coils in a horizontal centre position or other rotary hollow bodies.

    • Easy to configure and retrofit thanks to customisable modular system
    • Sturdy housing in box design and welded gripper arms with internal electrics
    • Mechanical load safety device or light switch and extra-wide shut-off flaps
    • Low maintenance effort and costs
    • Determination of the load weight and display on XXL touch display
    • Plannable maintenance depending on real operating data (load spectrum, remaining service life, etc.)

    Learn more:

    Modular traverse system „Alpha“

    For lifting and transporting long and heavy loads to reduce or raise the angle of inclination of the slings and for slinging in low halls with low lifting heights.

    • The ideal combination for every requirement - as a beam or H-beam, rigid or adjustable

    • Available quickly: ready for despatch in 3 days!

    • Flexible: thanks to interchangeable and retrofittable load hooks, crane hook suspensions and adjustable brackets!

    • Customisable: This lifting beam grows with your requirements, with your load dimensions and with additional mounting options. Can be retrofitted at any time, on site! Quick and uncomplicated!

    • Robust and durable: galvanised profile design offers perfect all-round rust protection!

    Learn more:

A powerful overall package

A load handling attachment is often not sufficient for a lifting operation. Additional work equipment is required to connect the crane hook to the load or to secure the load during loading. As a full-range supplier, we provide you with high-quality products from A for attachment point to Z for lashing strap from a single source. In addition to the right product, you also receive technical support for safe slinging and lashing operations.

  •    Attachment devices and attachment points


    PFEIFER offers a wide range of suitable products to cover almost all lifting and moving operations.

    • Slings and lifting points and accessories such as slinging gear wardrobes
    • Hoists and winches
    • Load securing
    • Personal protective equipment against falls from a height


  •    Academy


    In our specialised seminars, we teach you everything you need to know about the safety of people and products. Our competent team of expert speakers with practical experience know what is important to prevent accidents and reduce the resulting costs.

    Seminar programme

    • Technical seminars for lifting and attachments devices
    • Technical seminars - lifting points for designers
    • Technical seminars for lashing equipment
    • Technical seminars for crane ropes
    • Technical seminars for winches, lifting and pulling devices
    • Technical seminars for precast concrete construction
    • Technical seminars for personal protective equipment to prevent falling
  •    Mobile Services


    We offer a comprehensive testing service for rope and lifting technology throughout Germany. Central contacts and several service centers ensure short distances. In addition to the comprehensive testing services, our rope service and rental service round off the range.

    Our services

    • Work equipment testing
    • Rope service
    • Repair service
    • Spare parts service
    • Rental service
    • Work equipment management (PUSH)
    • Work equipment labeling

    Find out more:




PFEIFER is setting standards. On construction sites. In mountain regions. In industry. All over the world. Numerous reference projects show what makes our solutions and services so special. Discover PFEIFER in practice.


    Project "Turntable Foundry“

  •    Details

    Customer enquiry
    In future, the so-called residual runners will no longer be removed from the rack plates manually, but will fall out automatically by tilting them through 120°.

    Further general conditions
    Due to the dimensions, the table must be shipped in individual parts and assembled and commissioned on site at the customer's premises.

    Development and design of the hydraulic table. Optimised design so that simple assembly by PFEIFER on site is possible.

    Further Services
    Special trough with recesses for the hydraulic cylinders into which the residual rotors fall.

    Projekt "Wire coil grab“

  •    Details

    Customer enquiry
    Standard range of wire coil grab does not fit into the production process.

    Wire coil grab with a particularly low overall height and the same load capacity.

    Projekt „Rotating Traverse“

  •    Details


    Customer enquiry
    Load must be lifted with a lifting beam and rotated horizontally during the production process.

    Special version of a spreader beam with ball bearing slewing ring for horizontal rotation of the spreader beam Attachment points and support of the spreader beam can be customised to the specific conditions.

Digitally into the future

The solution for digital inventory and management of work equipment

Order slings and much more simply, quickly and conveniently:


We support you comprehensively with our expertise and know-how.


We act responsibly.


We set standards and develop market-leading solutions.

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